About Me

In the primary school I detested a violin, therefore my quarter instrument fit dust quietly on the cupboard, until the musical group „ Starving Bisons „ played live during the school party, nicely with contrabass and lot of guitars. Poly knew three accords on his guitar, Vlado had a mouth-organ and I took that small violin and I squeaked on it by one finger. In such way we played together with other friends the first public concert in 1977. What was the quality, I do not want to estimate, however our enthusiasm was for one hundred million and it fortunately lasts to this day for me.

Since then I passed through several musical formations and styles, some I did not even play and I desire it, but I dedicated to violin under my chin. Currently I play in musical group PENGAGI, which is already for 29 years, second home for several the equally affected countrymen permitting mixing of all music styles into country and tramping music.

Soso Soso, Penco Pengagi Ďuri, Soso, Penco