About Violin

Electric violin is made of solid, perfectly dry wood. For over dozen years I hide a quality violin's body, that is made of several layers of mature spruce wood glued together under the colorful paint of the instrument. The layers ensure that no deformations appear on the top plates in any case. At the same time the layers ensure the violin vibrates that the final sound is not raw but after connecting to the audio systems would sound "wooden". This feature distinguishes my digi-violin from industrial products. The musicians who own electric violin from my production consider my digi-violin at the equal level of the world's best manufacturer's products, that may cost thounsands. With quality basic signal it is very easy to work with.

Neck and scroll of the electric violin is made of maple wood, alder wood or fruit-trees' wood. Fingerboard is made of ebony wood. I achieve the unique characteristic of "wooden" sound by the construction and careful selection of the used wood, since it's density, growth direction and structure greatly affect the final sound. The violin shape is based on own designs and fantasy, but inspiration from other sources has no limits and I will willingly adapt to your idea.

The surface finish of the instrument is a monochromatic color of your choice, exceptionally it can be lacquered solid wood. Exposed solid wood has its very own charm, but the instrument is heavier and the costs are much higher, because it is necessary to choose a beautiful plate of wood. The instrument can have four, five or six strings, depending on how much ingenuity you dare, resp. what kind of style you play. There is an option of integrating electronics directly into the instrument - this brings an advantage of immediate sound correction, but on the other hand the whole apparatus with batteries have to be held under the chin. Since we count on further audio editing by processor, I highly recommend you to have a passive electric violin, where the usage of sensor Shadow is sufficiently good and strong for further processing.

electric violin

The whole production is largely handmade, without use of any machines, so each piece is unique, with an assigned serial number. The delivery may include a standard violin case, if the shape of the instrument is appropriate. I can supply also strings, sound effects, combos and other needs to play according to what you need. I provide also long term care, service or repairs of the electric violin of my production. I believe that together we will find the combination of digi-violin's parameters that will be financially bearable for you and will bring joy to you and your audience.

Pengagi Soso

If you like it, your original electric violin I make for you. Permanently care. Write soon!